The Magical Harry Potter Studios Tour

Hey Peeps, 

On Thursday last week I felt like the luckiest girl alive as i got to go to the Harry Potter Studios in London. My ever so generous family got this gift as a Christmas present for me and my sister (who appears in all the photos with me), the tickets came in a white envelope and as soon as I saw the starry blue and black tickets I knew straight away what they were!

I am not going to waffle on too much as i don't want to let out any spoilers in case some of you are planning on going. But I will say you should definitely get some pictures on the broomsticks in the green room, try butter beer because you can only buy it there or in Orlando's and spend as long as you possibly can reading everything and taking it all in because there is so much to see and learn.

Enjoy looking at the pictures, i know i certainly enjoyed taking them! I do apologise for the photo heavy post but this is Harry Potter Studios we are talking about so it had to be done :) I just want to say that the sun has made a sneaky appearance over the past few days and it has got me super excited for Spring to arrive. Oh please pretty spring come soon...

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  1. SO jealous! haha! All the photos are great. :) xx


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