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I'm Sienna who writes 'Sienna Mae' who was so privilege to be able to do a post on Becca's blog talking about beauty. Beauty is always been my favourite thing to talk about, even though I have no clue if it's right. One of the things I love about make up is the brushes, I use real techniques brushes.

These bushes are highly recommend if you haven't got them, they are so soft on your face and put a lovely final look after applying your makeup. There are loads of sets to choose from, but what I use everyday are the Core collection (Gold) and the Eye starter set (purple). These pretty much cover my daily makeup and are so useful, if you want to start out nice and simple. I know loads of people who have reviewed the real techniques and gave positive feedback about these brushes, I can totally agree with them. When I received them I couldn't stop looking at them they are just so pretty! If your looking for some good quality/ cheap ish brushes, these are the one.

Sorry I haven't cleaned them :o
I hope this short/quick information about my opinion of the Real techniques have made you go and get some, They really do work. Thank you Beth for letting me write on your blog about something beauty.

Thank you

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  1. Great post, I love my RT Brushes :)


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