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 Hey Peeps,

So Valentines Day is just a few days away and for some of you this may be super exciting because you have plans with your boyfriend or know someone is going to surprise you and make you really happy. But for most of us it is just another day where we don't have a boyfriend (or girlfriend, if any of my readers are boys :/) but even more so, it is rubbed right in our faces with a cold sponge. I think the idea of valentines is so cute and romantic but I find every year it disappoints me. At the moment around my school there are posters talking about love and reminding people to post their cards in the letter box ready to be delivered. But I think its cringe how valentines day has turned into another commercial day rather than a really nice day people can enjoy if they have someone to share it with that they love; or they can just ignore it if they want to. I mean how can you ignore it if in every shop you walk into shelf are packed with chocolate hearts and lovey dovey cards. Anyway, I wanted to show you what I would wear out for Valentines day. I know some of you may have dates or you may just be going out with some of your friends.

For the day outfit I have gone with girly pastel colours to show a softer side. I always think pastels are very flattering and in an outfit look well put together without looking as though you have tried too hard. Because we are still in Winter i think a cropped jumper would look really nice with light denim jeans and ballet pumps. Alternatively a pain white dress would look really girly with some pale peach accessories and this bag is so versatile as it works well with both daytime outfits. This shade of peach is very flattering on all skin tones and I love this blush because it looks really natural and this shade gives off a really healthy glow!

The night outfit is more dressy and keeping with the peachy pastel colour I think these three dresses are appropriate for valentines day. A LBD is always a winner and by dressing it with different accessories. This flower necklace is so dainty and beautiful and I think it contrasts well with the black. The other two dresses are very similar but I think work well for different body shapes. I think burgundy lips and nails works well as this is an evening outfit and burgundy is very girly and feminine.

I hope you liked these valentines outfits and maybe it has given you some inspiration if you have a date on Friday. Enjoy Valentines with those who love you. Just to let you know i am going away on holiday over half term so i will just see if I get chance to blog, maybe i will maybe I wont...

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  1. The dress in the first outfit is so pretty! I also love the green top! Lovely outfits!

    1. I think the green top is perfect because it's cute, girly and warm xx

  2. Love, love, love! Especially that white dress and statement necklace!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. I love the use of pastels for valentines day, so pretty and flirty without being overly girly! Just like the use of floral print in the second dresses!x


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