Blogging Lingo : Part 2

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When I did part one of my blogging lingo it went down a huge storm and I was so pleased with the lovely comments and response I received. If you missed Blogging Lingo : Part 1 then you can click here to read it. Today I will share with you words from I-Z, though I have to admit I couldn't think of any words for the first couple of letters so I just started at M...

Meetup: This is an event where bloggers (and sometimes PR and media) meet up to socialise, get to know each other and its just like a blogging party.
Monetizing You Blog: This is the act of making a profit on you blog
Monthly Favourites:  A post showcasing all the products a blogger had been loving that month, usually beauty, fashion, skincare or random favourites.
Niche: This is what makes you blog different and special to everyone else. Your niche can be the topic you write about, your writing style, your blog design or even your photographs. It is something that sets your blog aside from every other.
NOTD: Nail of the day
OOTD: Outfit of the day
Permalink: Your blog is made up of many posts. The permalink is the unique URL of a single post on you blog. It is used so individual posts can be found and referenced to at other times.
Platform: This is the site in which you host your blog. The two most popular platforms are Blogger (which I use) and WordPress.
RSS: It stands for Really Symple Syndication. You can subscribe to a blog via an RSS feed and then use it in a reader
SEO:  Search Engine Optimisation is what is done to increase you traffic to your blog by searching for keywords, tags and phrases ( sorry I don't know much about SEO)
Sidebar: This is the area on the side of your blog where you can put links, images, archives, popular posts and more
Social Media Icons: These are little recognisable images that when you click on them, take the reader directly to the appropriate social media page and then they can follow you and your blog. 
Sponsoring: This where you pay a small fee to another blogger so your blog button is advertised on their blog for a length of time (usually a month).
Tabs: These are the buttons along the top of your blog (or sometimes at the side) that navigate you around your blog. They are usually home, about and contact. They can also sometimes be called pages.
Vlog: A vlog is made by a vlogger who sits and talks to a camera, and talks about all the same things as you would on a blog but just to a camera instead of through a computer.
YouTube: A person who uploads videos on a regular basis to their YouTube Channel.

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  1. This is a very helpful post because it tells us things about our blog that we never knew before :) thanks x


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