Revision, Revision and More Revision

Hey Peeps,
So it is that time of year again where everyone has exams :/ This week I have had 4 exams and I have some more next week. I find revising quite difficult and I easily get distracted. So I thought I would share with you my top tips for revising:

1.Organisation and Comfort
I work best when I am comfortable so I find the place where I am most comfortable. Also I make sure that my desk in neat and well organised. It is impossible for me to study when my desk in cluttered. I know this sounds silly but if I have a cluttered desk, I have a cluttered mind.

2.Less is More
I find that if I do a little bit of revision everyday, I tend to remember it a lot better. If I sit and revise for hours on end just before my exam I can never remember everything. But by doing a little everyday it sticks in my brain.

3. Colourful Cue Cards
I think cue cards are really important especially in languages. What is even better is if you have colour cue cards, I don't know why but colour makes it easier for the brain to remember the words. Also cue cards are great for languages because you can carry them around with you throughout the day and keep reading them just so that it stays in your mind.
4. Use Family and Friends
Ask people around you is they will test you on the key information you have learnt that day. I give them my revision notes and ask them to ask me a few questions, if I get them right it is really rewarding and makes you feel like you are making progress!
5. Treats :)
I think this is the most important because after a long days work of studying, you need to reward yourself. This could be going out with your friends after studying or having a sweet treat. I personally love a bit of chocolate at the end on my revision sessions!!
I hope this has helped anyone who is studying for exams at the moment. If you are I wish you good luck and just remember the best thing you can do is think positive, there is no point it getting yourself all worked up and stressed out!
MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Cue cars were the best thing I ever did when learning French - I wouldn't have survived without them!

    1. I know, I like to make them and then stick them around my house so each time I go there I will read the cue card, Wardrobe, fridge, on top of the computer screen :)

      Rebecca xxx

  2. I've tagged you in my Liebster award post,

  3. Great tips there, especially no5(:

    1. I know, treats are great motivations :)


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