Hello May!!

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Hey Peeps,

 So this is just a quick blog post today just to say Hello to May. May is my favourite month of the year as it is my mum's birthday and my birthday. Also it is the first month that it actually feels like Summer.
This morning in my garden when I woke up, I was greeted to the beautiful sight of these little lovelies growing. Tulips are my mum's favourite flowers as they were the flowers she had at her wedding. And I have to admit after seeing how lovely and summery they look in our garden they be becoming my favourite flower too.
Also I just want to let you know that this May I am going to take part in the PHOTO A DAY for May.
I hope you all have a wonderful May!
MissBeccaBeauty xx


  1. May is my favourite month too! I love it, especially because I know its nearly summer :D xx

  2. I know I can't wait for summer :D xxx

  3. Nice photography! I'm so glad it finnaly feels like summer!

  4. Thank you, I had fun taking the pictures :D
    Rebecca xx


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