Jemma Kidd Eye Wardrobe Brown Quartet Review

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So far this spring I have been loving this eye shadow quartet. This is always in my makeup bag because it is so versatile. I can use this to create a very natural look or a smoky eye. These colours are so wearable and I find that they blend together really nicely. All these colours work really well together.

I am not a big fan of the packaging as I find it picks up dust and contents from  my makeup bag easily and you can see all the marks and scratches on it. But what I do love is that on the back of the packaging, there are instructions and a diagram which show you how to use each eye shadow, what they are for and where to put them on your eyes. I find this really useful and when I first got it, the instructions taught me a lot about applying eye shadow.

These shades are amazing. There is a very white highlighter that I tend to use all over, in particular under my eyebrows, 2 very bendable shades about mid tone which I use on my lid and finally  a much darker colour which adds a big impact on my finished look.

Overall this product is one of my favourite eye shadow sets and I use at least one of the colours on a daily basis. I would recommend this product to young teens or people who are just starting out with makeup as it is really easy to use and the diagram/instructions are so helpful and shows you how to use each colour!!

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