#3 Photo A Day May

Hey Peeps
So today's photo is 'Something You Wore Today'. Seen as I have been at school today I didn't think my school uniform would be very interesting so I thought I would show you the bracelets that I wear everyday! I am afraid I don't know the names of them, or where I got them from because they were both presents :)
Hope you enjoy!!
MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. i love the colourful one, the other is pretty too :) you must think i'm crazy i always comment like 5 minutes after you posted a new post :D sorrynotsorry

  2. I don't think your crazy! I am just really pleased that someone wants to read and comment on my blog!
    Thank you so much you are one of my best followers :)
    Rebecca xx

  3. Those bracelets are really pretty! I especially love the black one! :D xx

    1. Thank you!! That one is my favourite as well :) xxx


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