Recent Reads : The Flynn Series

If you who read my post about my goals for 2016, then you will know that I have made it one of my new years resolutions to read more in 2016. Over the Christmas holidays I read a series of books my Sophie Mckensie called The Flynn Series. I received this series for Christmas and as soon as the Christmas chaos settled down, I also settled down most afternoons and evenings with a hot drink to read these books. I got so engrossed in these books that I finished some of the them in a day: I would start one of the books in the morning when I woke up, read after lunch for a few hours and then in the evening I would finish the book before I went to bed. I haven't read like this in years! 

Sophie Mckenise is one of my favourite authors. When I was younger I read all of her books and was thrilled and enticed by each one. I was so excited when I discovered another series that I hadn't read. There may be a few tiny spoilers in my review however nothing that would spoil the whole series for you. 
This series is about River and Flynn's relationship and how it evolves as they get older. Their relationship is so normal that the whole story is unbelievably realistic. The first book their romance is very innocent and so is the plot however by the last book things have taken a twist and the plot becomes a lot darker with more danger thrown in. 

FALLING FAST (BOOK 1)// River is a hopeless romantic who dreams of falling in love and when she goes to audition for Romeo and Juliet at the boys school, she dreams of playing Juliet. Whilst she doesn't play her dream role, her dream still comes true as she ends up falling in love with the boy playing Romeo - Flynn. This romance between the two of them is so realistic and completely  believable. Both River and Flynn's characters are also very relatable as Mckenzie explores several issues including poverty and relationships with parents. 

BURNING BRIGHT (BOOK 2)// River is completely emerged in their relationship however she struggles to deal with Flynn's explosive temper. Her friends and family disapprove of Flynn and their relationship but, whilst this puts a strain on their relationship, she can't imagine living without him. Lots of obstacles occur in the book highlighting that true love isn't always a walk in the park. River still whole-heartedly loves Flynn even when he doesn't give her good reason to. The book ends when Flynn has to leave to Ireland which buts a huge strain on their relationship. 

CASTING SHADOWS (BOOK 3)// Flynn and River are now living together and everything seems perfect. Flynn has his temper under control and is attending regular anger management sessions to prove he has changed. Things seem to be much better with Flynn's temper until secrets are revealed which may upset their future plans. They've had so many ups and downs through out the other books and always managed to sort things out but this time it could be the end of the line for them.

DEFY THE STARS ( BOOK 4)// In the final book Sophie McKenzie finally wraps up their epic romance but not necessarily in the way in which will please everyone. Personally I wanted their story to end differently to prove that true love is so strong that it can overcome any obstacle. The last book has a darker approach which has a similar plot to that of a thriller novel which makes it even more exciting and makes it very hard to put down.

I would highly recommend this series, even though they are aimed at young adults I think these area a great easy, romance read for anyone. There is a lot lot be learnt about love and relationships from this series and I think this story will stay with me for quite a while!

What books have you read recently that you love?

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