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I'm feeling festive and so I thought why not do a Christmas tag? I read this tag on the wonderful MikeBubbleTea blog who has the most gorgeous Christmas photos on her post! Feel free to leave a link to your blog below if you have a go at this tag, I would love to see your answers.
1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE/S? Christmas movies always get me in the festive mood and I love to watch them cuddled up in the evenings with candles burning and Christmas PJs. I have many Christmas movie favourites but I love to watch ELF, Nativity and The Polar Express. Although around Christmas I also like to watch Harry Potter, The Sound of Music and other classics!
2. DO YOU OPEN YOUR PRESENTS ON CHRISTMAS EVE OR CHRISTMAS MORNING? Always on Christmas Morning... I never open any presents before Christmas morning. I usually open them whilst scoffing the chocolates from my stocking. Sometimes we open presents on boxing day with the rest of my family.  
3. DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS MEMORY? I don't have a specific favourite memory but I always remember waking up when I was a little girl; rushing into mum and dads room. We would have to wait until everyone was awake and then dad would lead us downstairs and into the living room. I just remember it being so magical walking into the living room and seeing all the presents delivered by Santa.
4. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS FOOD? Now this is a hard question to answer because I love eating food around Christmas: Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, cheese boards, Maltesers and just chocolate in general!
5. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS GIFT? I have spent ages trying to think of my favourite Christmas Gift and I have narrowed it down to two. The first was an iPad and I was totally surprised by this as I had no idea I was going to get it. My dad has kept some presents hidden and when we had opened our sacks he surprised us with these mystery presents. Last Christmas my sister and I received tickets to go to Harry Potter Studios in London. I am a huge HP fan and have wanted to go to the studios for ages so I was over the moon to revive this gift!
6. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SCENT? I have two Christmas scents that I love: the smell of a Christmas dinner (obviously!) and also Christmas Spice! Currently my room is filled with Christmas spice candles and I love burning them in the evenings to relax.
7. DO YOU HAVE ANY CHRISTMAS EVE TRADITIONS? Yes! When we were younger we would go on a website called TrackSanta and throughout the day we could see whereabouts in the world Santa was and how close he was to the UK. Christmas eve is usually spent cooking and preparing food for the following day. In the evening we go out to church for Christmas Eve mass and spend time with our friends in the pub. Every year before we go to bed we get out stockings ready for Santa and then go to bed in our new Christmas PJs that we wait to wear on Christmas Eve.
8. WHAT TOPS YOUR TREE? Usually an angel or a star but this year we haven't put anything on top of the tree as we have gone for a gold decorations on our tree this year and we don't have a topper to match.
9. AS A KID WHAT WAS THE ONE ( CRAZY, WILD, EXTRAVOGANT) GIFT YOU ALWAYS ASKED FOR BUT NEVER RECIEVED? When I was little I would always ask for a baby brother but I would tell Santa that I wanted him to stay a baby forever. Obviously this never happened but looking back I think its funny!
10. WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT CHRISTMAS FOR YOU? I love seeing family because we all live so spread out around the country; so Christmas is one of the main times of year when we get to spend lots of quality time together!
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