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Products that you can just sweep on quickly and then be good to go can save so much time in the morning. When I am getting ready I would much rather use one quick product on my eyes than the spend ages blending 3 or 4 different shadows together. Here are my top picks to sweep on your lids and go!

RIMMEL SCANDALEYES IN BOOTLEG BROWN// This is a really recently purchase but because I loved it so much I had to retake the photos for this post so I could include it. The Rimmel Scandaleyes pencils have been on my wish list for so long because they just seemed like a great products that you could quickly sweep on in the morning and then be good to go. And I was absolutely right when I tried it out. Not only does it apply really smoothly and quickly but it also stays in place all day. I am interested to try some more shades so if you have any recommendation then let me know. 

L'OREAL COLOUR INFALIABLE MATTE COCONUT SHAKE// The L'Oreal Colour Infaliables have been raved about for a long time and I actually found these for £1 in my local pound-land and picked up three different shades. For those of you who don't know, pound shops sometimes have great beauty products from brands like Rimmel and L'Oreal so it is always worth a look when you pass one. This one is actually a matte finish and I love to either wear this as a base for eye-shadow or on it's own just to even out the colour on my lids.

L'OREAL CHROME SHINE SHADOW IN BROWN LAME// As you can tell I like L'Oreal eye shadows. This one often comes away with me in my travel makeup bag because it is a small single shadow and the colour is a shimmery golden brown with gold flecks running through. It looks really pretty on the eyes because you can wear it as a natural wash of colour or you can build up the intensity. 

MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO IN ON AND ON BRONZE// I think this is every bloggers cult sweep and go product as you literally just sweep it on with you fingers and it will last all day without having to worry about touching up throughout the day or it creasing on you. If you haven't tried this I would recommend this above anything else as it is just amazing, I thinking of trying the Pomegranate shade- but let me know which is you favourite colour tattoo shade! 

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  1. Cute post and love the set up of this! :)

  2. I love one wash products, they give a whole new look to the eye. my favourites are colour tattoo in pomegranate for autumn and tease from the naked 2 palette x

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    1. I really want to try re colour tattoo in pomegranate but not sure if it will suit me x

  3. These are all really pretty colours, I especially love the Maybelline Tattoo Colour in bronze, it's stunning!

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  4. Oh I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bluffing. It's very similar to the Clinique chubby stick for eye in Lots a Latte. Have u tried it? Such a pretty, subtle shade for everyday. And the color tattoos are a classic. Such an amazing product for the price. I love these sweep & go eye products.

    Nice blog by the way! :) Followed you on Bloglovin x x

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