November Favourites 2014

Who can believe it is December tomorrow. Where has this year gone? I am sorry for the lack of posts over the past few weeks: I have had trouble with my laptop and life has just been really really busy. I hope that normal posts will resume soon. Anyway I am excited to share my November favourites - there aren't many beauty favourites however I have found some little gems this month!
MUA HEAVEN AND EARTH PALETTE// I have always had a soft spot for MUA palettes and this one is my favourite of the bunch. When I first got it I was obsessed and wore it to death but for some reason I just forgot about it. However this month I have rediscovered it and have worn in pretty much everyday. The pigmentation is unbelievable and what is better is that it is only £4. Next time you pop into Superdrug this is definitely worth popping into your basket!
CARMEX LIP BALM// When it comes to lip balms I am a Vaseline girl, but over the past few weeks my lips have been extra dry therefore Vaseline just hasn't been making the cut. Instead I have been reaching for my Carmex and it is honestly amazing. The smell is very strong and has a herbal aroma. I find the consistency of Carmex is really thick which is great for adding moisture to my lips but is sinks in well rather than sliding off like I found my Vaseline was doing.
BIG CLIPS// Big clips are literally life savers. I grab a section of my hair from the front and then put it up with the clip so it is out of my face. It is so easy and I have a selection of three which is use on rotation.
BARRY M GLITTER AND NAILS INC SOUTH STREET COMBO// This nail polish combination makes me feels so festive because it is glittery goodness! I like to apply two coats of the polish and then one coat of the glitter ontop is it is festive perfection. What is more is that this nails combo lasts for 4 days on my nails which is amazing for me. What glitter polishes are you loving?
DIVERGENT TRILOGY// At the beginning on November I watched the Divergent film for the first time and then ended up watching it twice in the same day because I loved it that much. I had to know what happened next so I bought the whole trilogy on my kindle. Throughout November I have read Divergent, Insurgent and have started Allegiant. It is has been ages since I have been this excited about a series of books and I cannot wait to cuddle up later with my blanket and Allegiant!
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  1. Yes becca i told u tht u should read them but when u watch the movie be prepared for the cut butter knife scene so glad u have finaly started reading them xx

    1. Yeah! I love the books so much, I cannot wait to finish the third book xx

  2. I love MUA Heaven and Earth - every shade is so pretty :) probs the best budget palette I own xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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