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August is always a great month because there is no school. A whole month of relaxation. freedom and for me blogging. This month it has been great having the time to write posts when I want to and not be rushing a post because of that English homework I still have to do. This month has consisted of lots of baking, eating food, pretty flowers and doing this I enjoy like painting my nails and playing Monopoly. 

I love painting my nails and when mum's friend was over we had a really nice girly session of nail painting. // Monopoly easily wins the title of my favourite board game, it brings out my competitive side and I love winning the game! I especially love to play it around Christmas and New Years. // We headed off to The Dales for the day and I couldn't resist taking a photo of these beautiful flowers outside one of the many quaint shops in this village that was quite literally in the middle of nowhere. // Messing around on Retrica with my little sis. // If you have been around on this blog for a while you will probably have seen me mention that I play the French Horn, last week I had a BBQ with all my French Horn friends and it was so much fun. As you can see I attempted a French Horn cake, what do you think? // Another cake... this time it is Mary Berry's Victoria Sandwich. I have a recipe post here if you would like to read it! // Not sure if this is normal or not but I feel like my taste buds are changing - I NEVER used to like Indian food as even a mild korma was just too hot for me. However over the past few months I have been really enjoying eating Indian food and I would like to try some Thai food, Let me know if you have any Thai recommendations! // Finally, how pretty are these flowers currently sitting in my kitchen! 

What have you gotten up to this month?

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  1. I highly recommend both of these cakes they are so tasty! I think you should all make them they're a real crowd pleaser too! x


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