Sunday Style: Emma Stone

Fashion isn't really something I blog too much about but this Autumn fashion has really excited me, I have been putting outfits together in my head and have been seeing so much Autumn fashion inspiration on Pinterest ( you can follow me here on Pinterest if you aren't already). Emma Stone's outfit pretty much sums up my style : jeans, jumpers, scarfs and boots. This is what I practically live in all Autumn ( and most of winter too - but with a coat as well), and outfits like these are quite basic but look well put together. 

NEW LOOK CREAM JUMPER £19.99// Cream jumpers are a staple piece, at the moment New Look are on point and this jumper is no exception. It is reasonably priced and a piece like this will get a lot of wear out of. TOPSHOP RIPPED BLUE LEIGH JEANS £40// Personally I wear blue ripped jeans like these all year round as they are so versatile and practical. I know the leigh jeans are very popular - personally I have never tried them but I have a pair very similar to the ones that Emma is wearing. Also can we just note how cute they look rolled up with the ankle boots! ASOS OVERSIZED GREY KNIT SCARF £15// Again, like the jeans I wear scarf's a lot of the time because lets face it England isn't the warmest country in the world and scarf's are just so comfortable. This year I want to invest in a scarf like this because I think I will get so much wear out of it paired with an outfit like Emma's or with something a bit different. NEW LOOK BLACK SIDE ZIP ANKLE BOOTS £19.99// These boots are super classic and I have bought a pair of boots really similar to these for this year from Primark (coming up in a haul very soon!). RIVER ISLAND BROWN TORTOISE SUNGLASSES £10// Is it just me or do you still wear your sunglasses in the Autumn? I do. On a morning it can be quite bright and often the sun can be really low on an evening. These ones from River Island are so pretty and I love the animal-print-esk look of them. RIVER ISLAND SLOUCH SHOULDER TAN BAG £30// I am not a big fan of bags you carry in the crook of your arm - they look so stylish but honestly I think they are just so impractical. However this bag is perfect as you can carry it on your shoulder and this colour really complements this outfit. 

What do you think of Emma Stone's style in this outfit? Personally I love it and is something I will definitely be wearing and taking inspiration from!

MissBeccaBeauty xo 


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    1. Me too!! I am thinking of doing some more of her looks because I love them :) x

  2. I love Emma Stone, these jeans are gorgeous, the only thing with Topshop jeans is that I have to buy a much bigger size than in other stores, so it makes me feel rubbish!!

    Lauren xx


    1. I find that annoying as well when shops have different sizes x

  3. The jacket of the season for me has to be the Bomber Jacket. i love this jacket so much!!! I always get questions where i get it from and I'm glad to get it from Famous movie jackets. They have huge variety of leatherjackets, Emma Stone Outfit, movies jackets and lots of more.


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