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Hey Peeps,
So I tweeted on twitter saying that I had hit a bit of a bloggers block and during one of the twitter chats, someone mentioned that scrolling through Pinterest helps for inspiration. I came across quite a few beauty related quotes and thought I would just share them with you today! None of these images are mine they are all ones I have found on the internet but I have added a link at the bottom of each image to the website where I found it.
(I couldn't find a source for this anywhere, sorry)



I hope you have enjoyed this short post! I would really appreciate any blog post suggestions as I have hit a mega bloggers block but don't want to stop blogging. Also if you have any ideas for a Halloween post you would like me to do then let me know either on twitter or in the comment. What are your favourite beauty quotes??

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  1. I really like this post! I love the little happy/positive/inspiration posts that are going around at the moment.
    I really like the glitter one haha! :)

    1. Thank you I appreciate it!! I love positive posts too :) xx


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