Current Nail Polish Shortlist #1

I've not been wearing nail polish that much recently but when I have I've been reaching for really understated nudes that just make my nails look put together. At the moment I can't be bothered to plan outfits around what colour my nails are so I've been sticking to simple nudes but going a bit brighter on my toes. 

#1 BARRY M GELLY HI-SHINE IN ALMOND// This polish has been a favourite of mine for a long time and has been one that I reach for quite regularly. I love wearing polishes that give off a really high glossy look and like all the polishes from the range, it looks so pretty when you catch your nails under the light. I would say this shade is a warm taupe/grey colour that has an ever so slight purple undertone which gives it that warmth. The only downside is that it does chip quite quickly, more than the other polishes in this post. 

#2 CIATE MINI AMAZING GRACIE// The colour of this is a real 'French manicure' shade as it is a really cool-toned pale pink shade. It is the shade that wins me over as the formula is quite sheer so you end up doing three coats and then sometimes it drags and becomes streaky, especially near the nail bed. Having said that I love how classy this polish is and the way it looks on my nails plus I find it wears a lot longer on my nails than the Barry M polish. 

#3 RIMMEL 60 SECOND I LILAC YOU// At the moment I have this shade on my toes and I think it looks really pretty. I'm not a huge fan of dark polishes on my toes so in the summer I love wearing pastel shades as I find they work best with the flip flops and sandals that I own. Plus my feet are so pale that dark shades make me look like I have Vampire feet (and that's not a good look!). I Lilac You is a typical pastel lilac shade that looks really feminine but isn't too pale that it looks dead. Because I wear this mainly on my toes it lasts quite a long time, with minimal chipping! 

There you go, the nail polishes I have been reaching for most at the moment. What polishes have made your shortlist? Let me know if you would like this to become a mini series every few weeks as I am always changing up my nail polishes and falling in love with new colours. 

-MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. I love almond it's such a gorgeous colour! xx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack

  2. I can't be bothered to change my nail colour too sometimes but then I usually just end up clashing the colours and making out that it's done on purpose!

    I did a review of OPI's Glamour Party set in my latest blog, would be interested to hear your op?

    1. Haha, it annoys me too much when my clothes and polishes clash so I can't do it! x

  3. I love Barry M Almond - it's perfect for that Autumn 'greige' xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Yeah I'm loving wearing Autumnal colours at the moment


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