Cohorted Beauty Box February : Un-Boxing

Cohorted is a company that strives to make cult products available to everyone. If you are not familiar with the concept of their website, they basically sell cult high-end beauty products at a more budget friendly price. Every Monday Cohorted release a new selection of beauty products and their price drops as more people join the cohort. Last week Cohorted launched their brand new beauty box. Beauty boxes have been around for a while but I never found one that I liked and wanted to buy, mainly because most beauty boxes have a long term subscription whereas Cohort allows you to buy the box each month without any commitment to a subscription.

I was so excited to buy the box last week and when it launched at 6pm I was ready and waiting at my laptop. I will just say that I was a little disappointed as the website crashed and lots of people were a bit annoyed that the box said it was sold out when it wasn't. After half an hour I eventually managed to get the box in my bag and purchase it, but I will say that it was quite stressful. Having said that it was definitely worth the wait as this box is an amazing bargain for £19.99. When I opened up the box it was so beautifully packaged and has such a luxurious, expensive feel to it. Unfortunately I didn't find the Hourglass palette in my box, but even still this box is worth an astonishing £67.50 and the Dolce & Gabbana product pretty much pays for the box it's self.

I haven't had chance to properly test all the products to review them, as I wanted to get this post up as quickly as possible, but I will tell you about the products and my first impressions. The star of the show for me is the Dolce & Gabbana Clarifying Lotion 150ml (RRP: £20) which is essentially a water based lotion that effectively removes makeup and dead skin. I think it is like the micealer water idea but looks a lot fancier. The smell of this is subtle and a bit floral and leaves my skin feeling so gentle and smooth. Another skincare item is the Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser 50ml (RRP: £15) and although it is not a full size it is a very generous travel size that I am going to save for when I go on holiday in the summer. This is a soap free cleanser, that is also free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, and works like any other cleanser by massaging into wet skin and removing with a hot cloth. Korres has been a brand that I have wanted to try for a while and I was thrilled that this box contained two Korres products, the second is the Korres Quercetin and Oak Eye Primer 4ml (RRP: 10). At the moment in my makeup routine I don't use an eye primer but I will be interested to see what difference using a primer makes and this one looks promising as it has a doe foot applicator and the product it's self has a slight pigmentation to help minimise darkness and discolouration on the lid. Onto makeup products, Benefits Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Lipgloss 15ml (£14.50) is included in the box and to be honest I have heard mixed things about these lip glosses. I have tried this and personally I like the formula as it is not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips but there isn't much pigmentation to the gloss. In the tube it is quite a bright red but on the lips it only looks glossy and there isn't any colour pay off. Finally, the product I am most excited to try, is the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara 3ml (£8.00) which like the name suggests claims to be a really volumising smokey mascara. I am a sucker for mascara and I think mascaras in a beauty box is really good because people are always willing to try new mascaras. I haven't tried much from Bobbie Brown before but am excited to as it seems to be a high quality brand.
Cohorted has really impressed me with this beauty box and there is nothing in this box that I wish wasn't there. As far as I know the March Edition pre-order is sold out but I would recommend getting this box next month and hopefully Cohorted will have sorted out the website so it is easier to purchase. If you have this beauty box I would love to know what you think of it!
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  1. I was there and waiting at 6 and it crashed on me so I missed out! It looks amazing :) Hopefully next time I will grab one xx
    LemonaidLies | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    1. I really hope you manage to get your hands on the March box!

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